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Physician Assistant faculty present nationally

Two faculty in the PA Program were invited to give five presentations at the recent national PA Education Association Annual Education Forum in Seattle.

Two topics presented by Tamara Ritsema, MPH, MMSc, PA-C included Results of the Second Annual United Kingdom Association of Physician Assistant Census and Free Data! Using Publically Available Data Sets for Your Dissertation or Research Project.

Michael Huckabee, PhD, PA-C presented on Measuring Spiritual Well-Being: Are Physician Assistants in Underserved Areas Happier?; Mapping the Course: Curriculum Mapping that Works; and Teaching Cultural Competency in the Classroom: Raising CANE (Cultural Awareness, Knowledge and Experience). The latter topic was a workshop co-presented with PA faculty from Union College.

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  1. Tami Ritsema says:

    Also, special shout outs to Darwin Brown who presented for two DAYS on being an effective PA clinical coordinator, Stephane VanderMeulen who serves on the National Board for the Physician Assistant Education Association, and Patty Scholting who presented her work on PAEA government relations committee!

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