University of Nebraska Medical Center

New mandatory process for ALL faculty and staff who are on grants…

New compliance requirements dictate the use of the HCCS COI-Smartsystem to provide comprehensive tools for completing, tracking and managing Conflict of Interest Disclosures and Applications to Engage in Outside Professional Activity (Outside Employment) forms.

All faculty and staff who are on grants (SAHP, other departments and colleges, or off campus) or participate in paid outside activity must use this new system effective immediately.

On Wednesday, September 19, 2012 from noon-1:00pm in MSC 2014, Crystal Miller, SPA-Asst Director for Research Systems Management and Education, Bethany DeCarolis, SPA-Grants & Contracts Specialist, and Kathy Carlson, Campus Compliance Specialist, will conduct a training session for the SAHP.

In order to insure that all grant applications are processed in a timely fashion and all awards initiated on time, please attend the seminar to learn about this new regulation and process. This process is mandatory for grants, contracts and outside activity.

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