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NSRT Conference Results

Radiation Science Technology Education students had a wonderful showing at this year’s NSRT Conference. Below is a report of their accomplishments. Faculty in attendance at the NSRT Conference were Tanya Custer, Christina Araujo, Tammy Jones, Connie Mitchell, Tonya Banzhaf & Kendra Becker.

Student Bowl Champions – UNMC Team 2
Team members: Victor Duong, Alyssa Millington, Amanda Johnson
Coaches: Tonya Banzhaf & Kelsey Malm

UNMC NSRT Student Representatives in attendance were honored:
Breanne Ritz(RT), Kaitlin Smith(RTT), Beth Niedbalski(DMS),Kristen Eblen(CT/MRI)

Registered Technologist/Full time student scientific essay competition winner:
Melanie Miller (NMT) – first place for, “Comparison of PET/MRI & PET/CT for their Importance in Today’s Health Care Environment”

Student scientific essay competition winner:
Emily Richter (RT) – third place for, “The Role of Imaging in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Breast Cancer”

Registered Technologist scientific poster presentation:
Tanya Custer, Lisa Bartenhagen, Tammy Jones & Jim Temme – first place for, “Using m-Learning in the Education of Radiation Science Students”

Register Technologist/Full time student scientific poster presentation:
Megan Mueller & Meredith Smith (RTT) – first place for, “Use of Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer”
Kaitlin Smith & Lindsey Williams (RTT) – second place for, “Pancreatic Cancer: Early Diagnosis, Brighter Prognosis”
Rebecca Peterson & Whitney Holtzen (RTT) – third place for, “Gene Therapy in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer”

Student scientific poster presentation:
Amanda Johnson – first place for, “Radiation Dose during Pregnancy”
Chelsea Bergman – second place for, “DTI for TBI: Diffusion Tensor Imaging for Traumatic Brain Injury”
Taylor Gerard – third place for, “Fetal Imaging of Skeletal Dysplasias”


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