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New Prize Wanders the Halls of Bennett

First let me just say, “PLEASE READ THE OTHER POSTS BELOW and comment! Some great things are happening in the SAHP! If you have news to report, post it or send it to me and I’ll do it for you.” Now, then…

Some of you in the school have really taken to the “Where in UNMC…?” game on the blog, and a few have won multiple times. In light of this, I’ve created a traveling trophy which will reside with the winner for a week until the next round. Elephanto, my cohort in the pictures, has agreed to serve in this capacity. At present, he sits with Tamara Cardin (current champion) in the Clinical Laboratory Science program.

Look for a new post next week and be the first to correctly identify the location. You may be the next to win this coveted, happy, good-luck-bringing little guy. (Elephants with their trunks raised are considered, in some cultures, to be good luck.)

Be the Next to Win!

Be the Next to Win!

(DISCLAIMER: Objects in the picture may appear larger than they are.)

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