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"How to Build a Poster" & Other Useful Stuff

I attended a meeting of the Campus Communicators group today and learned a few things worth passing along to all you “Allied Healthers.”

1. Sometime in the next couple of months, a campus IT users group will present “How to Build a Poster.” This will include information regarding best practices for formatting, fonts, printing, etc. of research posters (and possibly event/marketing posters). It sounds like a very valuable exercise for faculty, staff, and students.

2. As the branding initiative moves closer to launch, each department will receive a “brand book” which will provide templates and guidelines as to color palettes, fonts, logos, and on-brand messages for all campus communications (fliers, brochures, posters, letters, and the like). This sounds like an awesome way to help us achieve unity across campus and simplify the process for those involved with creating and distributing these items.

Watch for more information in UNMC Today!
Together in Health,
Fran Higgins

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  1. Jill Carson says:

    Glad you found the Campus Communicators meeting useful! I think getting this group together will be very beneficial for everyone. We’re excited as we move forward with this group AND the branding initiative!

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