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A Day in the Life of a Dietetic Intern

Your schedule will be based on your rotation. You can expect to spend Monday in classes: either 12:00-4:00 or 10:00-3:00 depending on the semester. Tuesday through Friday, you will be in rotations. The rotations (with a few exceptions) are two weeks long; generally, they are an 8 hour day. You will see patients, chart, and discuss patients and disease processes with your preceptor. You will receive and complete a performance evaluation with each rotation. The evaluation will give indication to your progress through the internship and areas of strength and weakness as you move through the program. Each rotation usually has a module to complete with questions regarding disease processes, medical abbreviations, and/or medications you will encounter during the rotation. There are a few weekend programs, but you will receive ample notification to plan for these programs. Generally, plan for a 40+ hour week when you consider class requirements and internship requirements. It is well worth it, and everyone is extremely supportive of the interns.

Submitted by Hilary Strom, student in the Medical Nutrition Education program, class of 2009

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