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Cytotechnology Students Visit Millard Elementary School

by Amber Donnelly 1/27/2009

On January 22, 2009, the Cytotechnology students were guests at the Willa Cather Elementary School Core Academy Program.  The Cytotechnology program was asked to speak to the 2nd-grade classrooms about cells.  So, the Cytotechnology students packed up their microscopes and laboratory supplies and headed out West.
The cytotechnology students helped the 2nd-graders take samples of cells from their cheeks and make cytologic slides. Then, the children were able to stain their slides and view them under a microscope. There were also several other learning activities for the 2nd-graders, such as a matching game that featured images of cells and a felt body with internal organs and pictures of cells from each organ. They were also able to make respiratory cells and liver cells out of fun crafting materials.
The 2nd-graders were very attentive and inquisitive. One of the Cytotechnology students told me that we have recruited several future students into the Cytotechnology Program. Too bad we will have to wait about 14 years before they apply.
We received 43 thank you letters from the 2nd-graders, all stating how much fun they had and how much they learned. Our time at the elementary school was well spent.  Here are a few quotes:
“It was fun looking through the microscope.  When I grow up I want to be a scientist.”
“It was awesome that you came to our classroom.”
“It was unbelievable.  I learned a lot.”
“I didn’t know I had so much cells in my mouth.  I hope I do this again.”
“I will remember this day when I saw my own cells.”

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