University of Nebraska Medical Center

Winners from SAHP Distance Ed!

Michelle Simon of SAHP Distance Education has correctly identified Fran’s whereabouts in the latest “Where in UNMC…”: In the skywalk between Swanson Hall and the DRC, and Elephanto is in her pocket!

Maggie Winnicki, also from SAHP Distance Education correctly identified the holiday edition photos: #1 was taken outside our old offices in Swanson Hall, but with a tricky Photoshop of Dr. Meyer in Bennett Hall imposed into the old shadow box! 🙂
#2 was taken outside the 5th floor of Wittson Hall on the veranda. (The Dean’s Business office used to be over there.) Apparently, this was a good picture to post, as Maggie got some exercise trying to find the location! In addition, she correctly identified the book in the picture (not required, but a good bonus) which was The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac.

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