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Patient-Centered Coordinated Care Program

Commonwealth Fund Accepting Letters of Inquiry for Patient-Centered Coordinated Care Program

The Patient-Centered Coordinated Care Program, an initiative of the New York City-based Commonwealth Fund, is accepting Letters of Inquiry for projects designed to improve the quality of primary health care in the United States, including efforts to center care around the needs and preferences of patients and their families.

The program supports efforts to strengthen primary care by promoting the collection and dissemination of information on patients’ healthcare experiences and on physician office systems and practices that are associated with high-quality patient-centered care; assist primary care practices with the adoption of practices, models, and tools that can help them both become more patient-centered and coordinate more closely with hospitals, specialists, and other public and private healthcare providers in their communities; and inform the development of policies to encourage patient- and family-centered care in medical homes.

For eligibility and application guidelines as well as descriptions of previously funded projects, see the Commonwealth Fund Web site.

Link to Complete RFP

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