Department celebrates community partnerships

Every year, the Department of Psychiatry hands out Outstanding Partnership awards to individuals, teams or institutions which demonstrate inspiring collaboration in service of the department’s mission and community. On January 26, the department honored these important partners:

Columbus Community Hospital

Dr. Venkata Kolli has been incredibly gracious while building this partnership and prioritizing residency education. Our residents have benefitted greatly from their experiences, and we look forward to more years to come!

  • Marley Doyle, MD, BHECN Director

Emma Luling, PLMHP, PCMSW/ED

Emma is an exceptional collaborator and has excelled in serving as a liaison between the ED and PES.  In addition to her daily work, Emma has demonstrated initiative in many areas to better help meet the needs of patients and improve collaboration between the departments. 

  • Jennifer Sparrock, LICSW

Amber Brown Keebler, MD

Dr. Brown Keebler is an exceptional physician board certified in internal medicine, pediatrics, and lipidology. She has dedicated her clinical time to serving ASPIRE patients and caring for their unique physical health needs. Dr. Brown Keebler has also offered her knowledge of how integrated clinics work in our institution to help with the formation of the PCC clinic and was instrumental in providing an internal medicine perspective to our PCC meetings early in the formation of the model.

  • Riley Machal, MD

Salvation Army Mental Health Respite (MHR)

Over the last year MHR has been an exceptional collaborator by improving its efficiency and demonstrating an ability to rapidly review referrals and aid in helping PES facilitate safe discharge plans for individuals, thereby diverting unnecessary acute transfers.  They are invaluable in helping some of the most vulnerable individuals who present with emergent psychiatric needs.

  • Jennifer Sparrock, LICSW, PES Manager

Kim Foundation

I nominate the Kim Foundation for being such an amazing champion for school mental health, suicide prevention and postvention, and recovery throughout our community! 

  • Howard Liu, MD, Department of Psychiatry Chair



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