Department of Psychiatry staff members remember their military service

On this Veterans Day, the Department of Psychiatry is proud to highlight many current and former U.S. military members making a difference at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine.

“The UNMC Department of Psychiatry thanks its veterans, active-duty military, and their families on Veterans Day,” said Department of Psychiatry Chair Howard Liu, MD, MBA. “Thank you for your courage and sacrifice.”

Luke LeBrun, LIMHP, joined the Psychiatric Emergency Service unit on October 10, 2022. LeBrun also serves in the Army National Guard and Reserves.

“I want to continue to challenge myself and work toward the best version of myself,” LeBrun said.

Medical Receptionist Caroline Davenport and her husband, Anthony, served together in the U.S. Army. Caroline said her time in the military teaches her to be more understanding with people, which helps her in her current role.

“You never really truly know what anyone is going through and taking a minute out of your day to ask how someone is doing can really make a difference,” Caroline said. “I’m thankful for my time because you meet people of all backgrounds, and everyone has something cool to bring to the table.”

Stephen Salzbrenner, MD, said he joined the U.S. Navy because he loved his country, and the U.S. Navy would pay for medical school. Dr. Salzbrenner said his favorite memory during his time in the U.S. Navy was serving in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Douglas Coffey, RN, MSN, said he joined the U.S. Army originally to obtain his nursing degree, but after joining realized the value of the experience.

“My favorite memory was commanding a unit and improving performance and readiness,” Coffey said.

Matthew Kelly, MD, and Logan Ford, MD, will do a Grand Rounds Presentation on their military experience on March 22, 2023.

Department of Psychiatry Veterans and Military Members

Douglas Coffey – U.S. Army Reserves

Anthony Davenport – U.S. Army

Caroline Davenport – U.S. Army

Anthony Finigan – U.S. Navy

Logan Ford – U.S. Army

Laura Fuller – U.S. Air Force

Stacey Herbster – Army National Guard, Army Reserves

Luke LeBrun – Army National Guard, Army Reserves

Matthew Kelly – U.S. Navy

Jason Lemen – U.S. Air Force

Will Lundy – U.S. Air Force

Stephen Salzbrenner – U.S. Navy

Randy Vest – U.S. Navy

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