UNMC faculty members offer advice to flood victims

Dr. Marley Doyle and Dr. Jesse Bell answer questions during media availability on March 18 at UNMC.

Several members of the UNMC Department of Psychiatry spoke with reporters to help people dealing with the stress and anxiety of recent flooding.

Marley Doyle, M.D., Adult Outpatient Division Director, answered questions from reporters on March 18, with Jesse Bell, Ph.D., on the impacts of the flooding in the Omaha Metro.

While speaking with the media, Dr. Doyle encouraged those who’ve been caught up in storms and floods to take care of their mental health by relying on their community and social supports, especially if they are still evacuated from their homes.

“Evacuations from flooding can be very stressful because you’re away from your home and you don’t know how damaged your home and your possessions are from the flooding. You have to wait and hope,” Dr. Doyle said.

As Dr. Doyle spoke with local media, Jonathon Sikorski, Ph.D., did an interview with RFD-TV, a 24-national national network focused on agri-business and rural living.

Dr. Sikorski said it’s important for flood victims to accept help from others.

“I know in Nebraska we have the mentality to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and have perseverance, but this is an instance when reaching out to others is very important,” Dr. Sikorski said. “If you notice you or a friend or family member has gone two weeks or more with a lack of interest in things or lack of motivations, or they’re isolating. You see those depressive symptoms and they linger, it’s important to help them reach out for help.”

Lauren Edwards, M.D., Assistant Professor and Medical Director, Anxiety and Subspecialty Treatment at the UNMC, told reporters with Focus Omaha Magazine that during difficult times it’s important to connect with community and family members.

“It’s important to remember you’re not alone,” Dr. Edwards said. “Deep breathing, meditation and other practices can also help with the reduction of ongoing stress and anxiety while also helping to manage the ongoing stresses related to the rebuilding process.”


Dr. Jonathon Sikorski prepares for an interview on with RFD-TV on March 21.

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