Staff celebrates Batey’s long career

Psychotherapist Bill Batey (center) takes a photo with co-workers after his retirement breakfast on Nov. 9.

Bill Batey has retired after working 28 years as a psychotherapist for UNMC/Nebraska Medicine.

Batey started in 1990 and worked for four different chairs during his time. His final day was Nov. 16.

“I stayed because it was a nice, stable situation. I always enjoyed the patients, and I’m going to miss them the most,” Batey said.

On Nov. 9, the Department of Psychiatry celebrated Batey’s long career with a retirement breakfast.

“I’ve enjoyed all the people I have gotten to work with through the years. I wish I could have known some people a little better, but a lot of times I came to work and went into my room and saw my patients,” Batey told everyone at his retirement breakfast.

Department of Psychiatry Clinic Manager Maggie Milner said Batey had been a fixture in the clinic for almost thirty years.

“There were many times within that timespan when he was our only therapy resource. Bill has been an exceptional asset to our clinic,” Milner said.

During the breakfast, Milner said Batey has been mentioning retirement for the last 3-4 years.

“I convinced him to stay part-time rather than take full retirement a couple of years ago. He did some rumbling about retirement again last year, but I was again able to convince him to stay another year. Thankfully, he agreed. We are all thankful for Bill’s dedication throughout the years and wish him much peace and relaxation in his retirement.”

In retirement, Batey will volunteer at Grief’s Journey, a place where people can find help, understanding, comfort, and hope after suffering a loss.

“I may also do some traveling, but nothing major,” Batey said.

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