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Dr. Dana Raml will join UNMC faculty in August 2019

Dr. Dana Raml has accepted a faculty and clinical position in the UNMC Department of Psychiatry.

Raml, who is currently in her fourth year as a Creighton/UNMC resident, will join the faculty in August. The decision to remain in Omaha was an easy one for Dr. Raml, who attended Lincoln East High School and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before arriving at UNMC in 2011.

Dr. Dana Raml

”I just love the area. I guess you could say I’m a homebody,” Dr. Raml said.

While many future doctors start medical school unsure of what specialty to eventually declare, Dr. Raml has wanted to be a psychiatrist since she was a young girl. In 2008-2009, Dr. Raml worked as a medical receptionist for the Plaza West Psychiatry Clinic.

“I’ve always been interested in seeing how people will respond to different situations,” Dr. Raml said. “Will they respond poorly or with optimism? That question has always interested me along with how psychiatry uses both medications and therapy.”

As a clinician, Dr. Raml will start in the adult outpatient clinic as well as work with cancer patients with behavioral health concerns.

Now that she has signed her contract, Dr. Raml has transitioned from an applicant to a UNMC Department of Psychiatry recruiter. “I’ve been talking to other residents in my class. My class is awesome. I’m officially in recruitment mode right now to try and get all of them over here, too. I’m hopeful.”

Dr. Raml has received many honors and awards during her time at UNL and UNMC, including the UNL Regents Scholarship, College of Medicine Alumni Scholarship, Dr. Frank J. Menolascino Outstanding Student in Psychiatry Award, Creighton GME Presenter Scholarship and Lasting Hope Recovery Center Resident of the Year. Dr. Raml is currently president of Psychiatry Resident Organization in the Creighton/UNMC Residency Program.

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  1. Barbara Harrison says:

    DR Raml is a great addition to our team!

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