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Graduate Studies exhibit: Helping Students Succeed for 80 Years, 1942-2022

Since 1942, UNMC Graduate Studies has focused on training graduate students through exceptional health science educational and research programs, faculty mentoring, and professional skills development. Masters, doctoral, and certificate programs are administered by individual colleges but housed under UNMC Graduate Studies. The energy of our graduate students propels discoveries that change and save lives, whether through helping faculty design clinical trials for new vaccines, discovering new ways to repurpose existing medications, or by developing new diagnostic tools and therapies for cancer treatments. 

Graduate students are key contributors to the research that is done at UNMC every day. 

To commemorate the past 80 years of growth and achievement, the Office of Graduate Studies and the McGoogan Health Sciences Library partnered to produce an exhibition within the Wigton Heritage Center. The exhibition is now open and located near the Bennett/Sorrell/Wittson Hall skywalks on Level 4 of Wittson Hall. Accompanying the physical installations is an online exhibition accessible to a global audience at https://wigton.unmc.edu/GradStudies  

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