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Easy way to create permanent links to PubMed citations

You may need to create a permanent link to a PubMed citation for your next manuscript or bibliography, or to alert your working group to specific citations of interest. Just put the PMID number on the end of the general PubMed url. This example:

should bring up the citation for the article: Navigating the US Healthcare system: a video guide for immigrant and diverse populations.

Please note – this method of directly linking to the citations in PubMed bypasses the McGoogan Library connection to full-text articles. To get to the full-text of an article that is held in the McGoogan Library, access PubMed from the Library’s home page at, and paste the PMID in the Search box, then click Go. After the citation appears, click on the GetIt@UNMC button to find out if it is held in our library’s collection.

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