Advice for Medical Students

1. Everything Works Out in the End

Everything in medical school seems like a big deal – every test seems like a big deal, everything seems like a big deal. And you might think “If I do not do well on this, how will I get through?” You just need to know that everything works out in the end. There’s no way to make medical school less stressful, but things do work out how they are supposed to. You can get through tough things, and you can do tough things.

2. Pay Attention on Rotations

Pay attention on rotations. I did not think I was ever going to have to use that psychiatry lesson, but here I am using it. If I could go back, I would take vigilant notes (even more so than I did). It is your one opportunity to see all those different specialties. Take advantage of that time. It seems stressful and it is a lot of long days, but it is worth it.

3. Enjoy Your Time with Friends and Family

Finally, enjoy your friends and family. After the pandemic, being apart from all of them, make sure to take time for them. Take breaks from studying to spend time with them because it is really important.

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