A UNMC Mentorship Success Story

“The most important role that I have is to listen. My role as a mentor is to understand my mentee’s passion and where they want to fit in at the end of our mentorship.”

Jeff Hines, PharmD’82

One of the most valuable relationships in the professional world is that of a mentor and mentee. This mutually beneficial relationship allows a mentee to learn from someone with experience in their field and have a “go-to” person for advice and support. For the mentor, it is an opportunity to give back to the next generation, grow leadership and interpersonal skills, and share the wisdom gained in their career thus far.

Two UNMC College of Pharmacy alumni, Jeff Hines, PharmD’82 and Jolyn Merry, PharmD’12, found a successful mentorship match with each other. They share their story in this week’s Connections Project Blog.

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