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Charles O’Malley Trust leaves lasting impact on UNMC

From left, Associate dean emeritus Mary Haven, representing the Gilg Scholarship, and O'Malley trustees Neal Brown, Richard Kelly and Brian O'Malley, and D.J. Thayer, representing the Thayer Family Scholarship.

by Kalani Simpson, strategic communications | November 09, 2021

You’ve never seen anyone so happy to realize the money’s all spent.

“The three of us have been talking about how lucky we are,” Brian O’Malley said, “and how much this would have meant to Uncle Chuck.”

This was at a recent celebration marking the decade-plus extraordinary partnership between the College of Allied Professions and the Charles R. O’Malley Charitable Lead Trust.

The “three of us” Brian O’Malley referred to are he, Neal Brown and Richard Kelly, the trust’s trustees. Charles R. O’Malley — Uncle Chuck — was a colorful character who made a fortune, and then tasked his nephews, both blood and honorary, with giving it away.

Read the full article in UNMC Today.

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