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Another great UNMC showing at this year’s virtual NSRT conference

article by Michael Dutt

In the spring of 2021 the Nebraska Society of Radiologic Technologists hosted their annual Business Session. Normally the business session is part of the larger Annual Conference, but due to COVID-19 the conference was re-imagined for the 2021 year. Instead of the usual 3-day event held in person, the NSRT offered several virtual continuing education events for students and members to attend.

The business session, held on April 15th, offered two free continuing education credits to all attendees. On the following Friday, the student symposium offered two guest speakers, one on résumé building and interview tips, and another on communication. The competition winners follow:

2021 NSRT Research Paper Competition Winners

  1. Vanessa Sandoval, Clarkson College, Computerized Tomography: Imaging Overuse in the Emergency Department
  2. Emily Bart, Clarkson College, The Use of Gonadal Shields in Diagnostic Radiography
  3. Alexandria Anding, Clarkson College, Three-Dimensional Radiology Image Presentation in Online Patient Portals

2021 NSRT Electronic Exhibit Competition Winners

Electronic Exhibits STUDENT:

  1. Joy, Glynn, UNMC Student, Assessing Text Neck with Weight-Bearing MRI
  2. Sophia Mittelstaedt, UNMC Student, Coronary Artery Disease Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
  3. Allison Mueller, UNMC Student, Breast Cancer

Electronic Exhibits POST PRIMARY:

  1. Katelyn Backhaus, Jalen Jole, and Patrick Moeller, UNMC, POST PRIMARY, Benefits of Prone Irradiation in Large Breasted Women
  2. Caleb McGowan, and Michaela McClellen, UNMC POST PRIMARY, Reduction in Rectal Toxicities of SpaceOAR Hydrogel in Prostate Radiation Therapy Treatment
  3. Melissa Riege, Justin Stephens, UNMC POST PRIMARY, Intracranial Aneurysm

Board Member & Committee Participation for 2020-2021

  1. Tanya Custer has served as an Advisory Board member from 2018-2021. She also chairs the student bowl committee
  2. Michael Dutt served as Vice-President from 2019-2021, was named President of the NSRT in April of 2021, and will serve as Chairperson of the Board for the upcoming year. He co-chairs the student symposium committee and is the Chair of the Awards Committee.

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