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Welcome new faculty: Marlon Morales

Marlon Morales, MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM, recently joined our faculty in the Division of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS). Here’s more about Marlon in his own words:

I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona and grew up in Mexico. I did my undergrad in biology at the University of San Francisco, where I learned to love travel through service trips to US/Mexico border towns, Belize, Peru, and Cuba. My goal is to travel to a new country every year – in 2019, I made it to Canada, Chile, Argentina, and the UK. I like connecting with locals to understand their point of view and the community they live in. It was through travel that I realized I wanted to pursue a medical laboratory science career.

I attended the UNMC MLS program and earned my Bachelor of Science degree in 2010. I have since enjoyed my profession and so far it has been the best return on investment. With my MLS degree, I worked at a local reference laboratory for a few years and then worked with Sysmex as a service engineer. Last year, I earned my MBA degree which helped me further understand the intricacies of the diagnostic medical laboratory industry.

I am very excited to be part of the MLS program and to share my experience and guide students to succeed in our industry.

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  1. Laura Bilek says:

    Welcome, Marlon.

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