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Pilot grant sends PA students to Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Conference

Six UNMC PA students and two UNMC PA faculty recently attended the Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health (MRASH) Conference in Marshalltown, IA as part of the CS-CASH Pilot Grant: Improving Agricultural Worker Health and Safety Awareness through Multimodal, Case-Based Physician Assistant Education.

At the conference, PA faculty Carey Wheelhouse and Mia Hyde presented a poster on their research project. Student attendees, Chelsea Brinkman, Kiley Reecy, Brittnee Vinzant, Mary Kroupa, Nicole Linton, Victoria Viox, were able to listen to presentations regarding mental health and emergency preparedness in rural and agricultural communities, as well as engage in small group discussions with public health and community professionals regarding agricultural patient and community health and safety.

Through the CS-CASH Pilot Grant, UNMC PA students have undergone didactic curriculum pertaining to agricultural health and safety issues, as well as participated in small group and simulation activities about agricultural patient care. Student attendees to the MRASH Conference gained a strong interest in rural health care and greatly valued the learning and networking opportunities.

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