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35 jars of peanut butter collected for the UNO food pantry

Great things happen when we bounce ideas around during wellness walks!

For staff members Tammy O’Donnell, Cindy Skarda, and Kim Corum, inspiration came during a walk as they discussed an article in UNMC Today about how the UNO food pantry is available to UNMC students. They thought it would be nice to start a collection drive for the pantry.

The CAHP Wellness Committee agreed and bins and fliers soon went up in Bennett Hall. They focused on just one item, peanut butter, an easy protein to add to a grocery list.

Jars rolled in over two weeks and the result was about 35 pounds of peanut butter and a couple of added snack donations.

“We hit 70% of our goal and I think that was pretty successful,” said Tammy. “It’ll help at least 35 students.”

In addition, our CAHP student ambassadors are currently collecting further donations in Omaha and Kearney (fliers below). Bins are located in Bennett Hall, MSC, the library, College of Pharmacy, and the HSEC in Kearney. Their drive will go through March 13th, and in addition to food for the UNO pantry, they are collecting toiletries and clothing donations for the Open door Mission. Food donations in Kearney will go to the Crossroads Center Rescue Mission.

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