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CAHP CAPTURE Falls Program Receives National Exposure

Good work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Our CAHP CAPTURE Falls team, led by Dawn Venema, PT, PhD, Anne Skinner, MS, RHIA, and Vicki Kennel, PhD, recently received recognition for their work to implement the safe practice of inpatient fall risk reduction.

Their project, CAPTURE Falls, which stands for Collaboration And Proactive Teamwork Used to Reduce (CAPTURE) Falls, was recently promoted on the national HRET HIIN listserv (Health Research & Educational Trust Hospital Improvement Innovation Network).

Pat Quigley, PhD, nationally-known for her expertise in fall risk and fall injury reduction, posted a message that stressed the increased risk of patient injury if a fall is unassisted vs. assisted (i.e. a patient’s descent is controlled by staff). Her message highlighted the Mobility Training Videos provided on the CAPTURE Falls website . These training videos were developed with the intent that physical and occupational therapists in hospitals could use them to provide training to other health care providers about strategies to safely assist patients with movement, including situations in which patients may begin to fall.

Hospital Improvement Innovation Network Program Director with the Nebraska Hospital Association Renee Towne, also acknowledged the team, saying, “This is so exciting; your work is positively influencing 16,000+ hospitals!”

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