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Linsey Donner honored with 2018 Shirley Nobel Award

Linsey Donner, assistant professor and microbiology coordinator in the Medical Laboratory Science program, received the 2018 Shirley Noble Award at the 2018 Nebraska Laboratory Spring Meeting. This award recognizes an American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Nebraska member who actively promotes the laboratory profession. The member acts as a positive role model and mentor to members of the society and laboratory students as did its namesake, Shirley Noble.

“Linsey’s exceptional educational accomplishments are certainly deserving to be recognized at the regional level,” said MLS program director Karen Honeycutt. “She serves as a mentor for other MLS faculty.”


  1. Cindy Skarda says:

    Congratulations, Linsey.

  2. Greg Karst says:

    Congratulations on receiving such a prestigious award, Linsey!

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