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Welcome new faculty: James Janzen

Alumnus James Janzen recently joined our Medical Laboratory Science faculty after working nearly seven years in the Core Laboratory at Nebraska Medicine. His focus was chemistry, urinalysis, hematology, and coagulation.

Here’s more about James in his own words:
“Originally getting my degree in Biotechnology, I spent years as a research and development chemist and then as an analytical chemist, before going back to school for Medical Laboratory Science. I’ve enjoyed my work at Nebraska Medicine far more than anything I’ve been able to do so far. Working in the Core Lab, you get to be a part of almost every patient’s experience at some point along his or her path. This allows you to be such a part of all that we are doing as an organization. It allows you to help care for patients that you just would not get to see at many other hospitals. I am so proud of all that we do here.

When I was offered this chance to help prepare the next generation of Medical Laboratory Scientists, I couldn’t resist. I hope that sharing my passion with our students will enable them to develop their own passion for helping others in the clinical laboratory setting.”

Welcome to the CAHP, James!

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