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High school students get a taste of imaging activities

What’s a fun and engaging way to interest young people in the health professions?

Last Friday, faculty in the Department of Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences, Kim Michael, Kate Wampler, and Tanya Custer, led an activity for the High School Alliance students using the Anatomage table and patient case studies.

“This is part of a new course that Kim and I are offering to the High School Alliance students called Medical Imaging Case Studies and Pathology,” said Custer.

“The students are exposed to all 53 of our e-learning modules as part of the course, and they have monthly hands-on activities such as this Anatomage activity, an OB scan lab, a trip up to the VERT to learn about radiation therapy for breast cancer, and an activity using the Hololens to view cross-sectional anatomy and pathology.”

By using case study based teaching, faculty are able to combine active, student-centered learning that can be directly applied to solve real-world problems and is essential for the transfer of skills into the clinical setting. Our faculty have found the use of technology in the classroom to be a beneficial and effective tool in preparing students to enter a health care profession.

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