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Hanson and Anderson Berry publish important findings, impact lives of preemies

Corri Hanson, PhD


PLOS One, a leading peer-reviewed journal, published a study by co-principal investigators Corrine Hanson, PhD, associate professor in our medical nutrition education program and Ann Anderson Berry, MD, associate professor in UNMC’s division of newborn medicine.

Their study means premature babies will receive twice the previously recommended dose of vitamin D, now.

“This finding will clearly have a major impact on the health of babies born prematurely,” said Laura Bilek, PhD, College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP) associate dean for research.

Kyle Meyer, PhD, dean of the CAHP, thanked Dr. Hanson, Dr. Anderson Berry, and their research team for their care of infants born prematurely and this important research finding. “This is another example of meeting UNMC’s and Nebraska Medicine’s mission to transform lives,” he said.

Read this article about their research in the Omaha World Herald.


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