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Growth brings new roles in the CAHP

The College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP) has seen tremendous progress and change over the past few years, and that growth has brought some role transitions.

Most recently, Pat O’Neil has transitioned from director to assistant dean for finance and administration, a position reflective of the increased scope and depth of her responsibilities since we became a college.

Pat holds a BS in Finance from Virginia Tech, a certificate in Healthcare Administration from Creighton, and a Master’s in Public Administration from UNO. She joined UNMC in 2006 as assistant manager of Sponsored Programs Accounting and in 2010 joined the then School of Allied Health Professions as director of finance and administration.

An active member on various college and campus committees, Pat is one of only five members serving on the campus-wide steering committee for the Administrators’ Fiduciary and Leadership Essentials certificate course. This course was developed to provide all campus administrators with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within their individual unit as well as the larger university community. The course addresses all areas of compliance with an emphasis on financial stewardship and leadership, and all UNMC administrators are required to complete it. Leadership from UNO are attending the current session of the course with the expectation that a similar program may be launched for their administrators.

Wayne Mathews, associate professor in physician assistant education has also transitioned from associate program director to research director.

Wayne is PI on a CAHP Pilot grant, along with Linsey Donner, assistant professor in medical laboratory science, investigating the presence of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) antibiotic resistance genes in the agricultural runoff of the water system contiguous with the soon-to-be-built chicken processing plant in Fremont. Wayne is also a Co-I on a University-wide System Science grant investigating antibiotic levels and antibiotic resistance genes in concentrated animal feed operations in the Elkhorn river system.

He is serving on a Task Force, along with other UNL and UNO researchers, investigating the formation of an interdisciplinary center to investigate the relationship of agricultural antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance in humans.

Wayne has also developed a metacognitive tool, called WINDOW©, to improve the effectiveness of PA students’ physical exam skills. He was inducted into the UNMC Interprofessional Academy of Educators this year.

Additionally, Glenda Woscyna, program director for medical nutrition education, was elected to serve on the new UNO/UNMC Communication Committee as the representative for CAHP.

The committee goals are to enhance communication to UNMC faculty members regarding the UNO/UNMC relationship, gather questions or concerns regarding the UNO/UNMC relationship from faculty members and facilitate distribution of accurate requested information in a timely fashion. The committee will serve as the clearinghouse for faculty questions/concerns/views on the UNO/UNMC collaboration.

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