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CAHP team gets a first in Trek Up the Tower 2017

While much of Omaha lounged on Saturday, February 18, 2017, eight intrepid “allied healthers” climbed the First National Bank tower stairwell in the annual Trek Up the Tower. That’s 40 floors. 870 steps. 633 feet into the sky.

Our trekkers were (pictured above from left to right): Greg Karst, PhD, Anne Skinner, Geri Finn, Laura Bilek, PhD, Kyle Meyer, PhD, Annie Wildermuth, Jon Kilstrom, and me, Fran Higgins.

Why’d we do it?

“I love the unique challenge and it keeps me motivated over the winter,” said Geri Finn, team captain, and third-time participant. “I’m really excited that more people from the College are getting into it, now.”

The event supports WELLCOM, a nonprofit organization dedicated to worksite wellness. Our dean, Kyle Meyer, PhD, serves on their board of directors and has trekked the tower several years in a row.

“This is a great event,” said Dr. Meyer, “and our team did a great job! This year, we won the small business corporate team division!”

Bonus! That win is thanks to terrific time from four of our members, Geri (7:53), Annie (8:20), Jon (8:32), and Dr. Meyer (8:50)! Race results

Personally, in addition to the physical challenge, I was hoping to tweet a photo of myself catching a Pokemon on the 40th floor, but, sadly, they didn’t allow phones. Hence, the group pic from the comfort of the Bennett Hall courtyard, days later. 😉

Nice work, team!

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