University of Nebraska Medical Center

Hanson and Siu elected to UNMC Faculty Senate

Associate professor in medical nutrition education, Corri Hanson, PhD, and associate professor in physical therapy education, Joseph Siu, PhD, were elected to the UNMC Faculty Senate. This is a re-election for Dr. Hanson, who was also elected Secretary. This will be Dr. Siu’s, first two-year term.

CAHP dean, Kyle Meyer, PhD, congratulated the two and said, “I appreciate their willingness to represent the college and to serve on this critically important body.”

Dr. Siu said, “Being a new faculty senator representing the CAHP is an exciting and challenging opportunity for me to speak for our faculty members in the college and put the new ITEACH organizational values into practice.”

“I’m proud to serve along with Joseph on the UNMC Faculty Senate,” said Dr. Hanson. “We’ll strive for excellence in our representation of Allied Health, teamwork with the rest of the Senate, and accountability in our decision making as we represent our College.”

Congratulations, Corri and Joseph! We know you’ll be wonderful representatives.



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