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Michael and Custer funded for E-Learning

Kim Michael and Tanya Custer received a $50k award in support of the e-learning initiative. The first $25k comes from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs with an agreement for match funding of $25k from the College of Allied Health Professions. It will be used to develop the UNMC E-Learning Curricular Redesign, “Case Study Based E-Learning Modules Utilizing Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table and InVivo5 Software: Is it effective in the blended learning environment?” by spring term 2016.

“We are very excited to have been awarded this opportunity to expand the use of the Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table in our classrooms,” said Custer. “By creating the e-learning modules which incorporate the Anatomage Table, we will be able to not only reach a larger student population, but we will also enhance how we are using the Anatomage Table and the Invivo5 software for our student here on-campus.”

Congratulations, Kim and Tanya!

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