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Students and Faculty volunteer at OWL Ride

This past Saturday night, July 11, 9pm to 1am, students from UNMC’s COM, COP, and the College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP) were represented at the OWL Ride (Omaha With Lights).

This is the 6th year for Omaha’s nighttime urban cycling adventure benefiting the Meyer Foundation for Disabilities (MFD). The Owl Ride route is 16.88 mile (short course 7.4 mile).

Each year the SHARING clinics are asked for volunteers to provide first aid response for event bicyclers (‘bikers’) at four “Medical Perches” and one “Mobile Perch.”

This year, one COM (Michael Visenio), two COP (Ross Kastrup and Jingjiang Wu) and 11 CAHP (two PA students Emma Frost-Briley and Benjamen Jones, and nine CLS students Jessica Chiaradia, Molly Finn, Jacqueline Clark, Christina Laczko, Jenae Bischoff, Tessa Retzlaff, Becca Tungate, Shaina Chamberlin, and Nicole Estopare ) students landed at the Lewis and Clark Landing, Midtown/Turner Park, Aksarben Village, Field Club, and the mobile medical perches.

Ricki Otten and Kevin McGuire were faculty facilitators.

“Luckily we didn’t have any medical emergencies….but we all had a ‘hooting’ good time!” said Ricki.

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