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New SAHP publication in Radiology Management

Tammy Jones, MPA, RT(R)(M), program director for radiography, cardiovascular interventional technology, and computed tomography, and Emily Schlautman, BS, RT(R), 2014 Radiography Graduate, were published in Radiology Management. Their article, “Mobile Apps in Radiology,” appears in the November/December issue, pages 40-46.

Radiology Management has been the top professional journal for leaders in medical imaging management for over 35 years. It is peer reviewed, indexed on PubMed, and published six times a year. Focusing on education, the journal publishes research and best practices on healthcare management issues specific to medical imaging.


  • Medical applications are being created in imaging with the goal that radiologists will be able to use them to interpret patient images. Mobile devices, such as the iPad, are able to display radiologic images in such a way that radiologists are able to use them successfully.
  • The alternative approach of using mobile devices for viewing and making a diagnosis could prove to be immensely helpful in emergency situations where no workstations are available.
  • The use of mobile devices would not replace workstations for radiologists, but rather it would advance their ability to expedite dictations for more effective patient care.

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