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BIG weekend for Clinical Perfusion

It was a BIG weekend for Clinical Perfusion! Our student, Robert Ledbetter, won “Best Student Presentation” at the 52nd Annual International Conference of the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT) in San Diego, CA, for his research presentation: “Evaluating the need for a ‘clear and colorless’ effluent in a cell saver’s wash cycle.” Also, MDCP alumnus Tom Steffens won “Best Poster Presentation.”


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2 thoughts on “BIG weekend for Clinical Perfusion

  • The University of Nebraska Medical Center is to be commended for the performance of its student and its graduate. It is also to be commended for encouraging research among current and former pupils. The need to advance knowledge is a needful function of higher learning institutions that is too often neglected in the public opinion; it is not enough to merely disseminate knowledge.