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Congratulations to Pat O'Neil, MPA!

Our director of Finance and Administration, Pat O’Neil, graduated from UNO on December 21, 2014 with her master’s degree in public administration. She took advantage of the tuition remission program offered by UNMC.

“The three-and-half years it took flew by,” Pat said, “and the best part was interacting with my amazingly diverse classmates.”

Congratulations on your achievement, Pat!


Pictured with family: Troy Snow, Cody O’Neil, Kevin O’Neil, Pat O’Neil, Kelly O’Neil and Nikki Chappleau


  1. Michael Huckabee says:

    Very proud of you and this accomplishment, Pat. Your doing these studies behind the scenes was never obvious to us, and yet this all certainly contributes to the excellence in your work. Hope you have some breathing room now and we look forward to how the knowledge represented by your degree will enhance your expertise to the benefit of SAHP.

  2. Jamie Gill says:

    Congratulations, Pat!

  3. Greg Karst says:

    Pat: Congratulations on your graduation. I really appreciate your willingness to add skills that will benefit not only you, but the School in general. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? 😉

  4. Karen Honeycutt says:

    Pat, congratulations on this accomplishment! Your skills and expertise have helped me so much in my new position. Thank you so much and take some time to give yourself a very big pat (no pun intended) on the back! Karen

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