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Perfusion student, Kristie Steffens, awarded prestigious scholarship

The American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT), clinical perfusionists’ professional society, awarded one of our students, Ms. Kristie Steffens, the prestigious annual Perfusion Without Borders student scholarship. This scholarship is associated with a mission trip Kristie is taking, associated with her University of Wisconsin clinical rotation.

According to AmSECT, Kristie was an excellent applicant, competing against very stiff competition this year. She will be reimbursed up to $3000 for airfare, lodging, and appropriate ground travel and meals while participating in a cardiac mission trip as a perfusion student. As a condition of the scholarship, she will present her experience at the AmSECT International Conference in San Diego, CA March 19-22, 2014.

Congratulations, Kristie!

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  1. Cindy Skarda says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy!

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