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The Karen Linder Distinguished Professorship for Women’s Health: Dr. Pat Hageman

group photo at professorship reception

Kyle Meyer, Richard Kelly, Bruce Hageman, Pat Hageman, Pat Leuschen, Karen Linder, Jim Linder

Yesterday, May 14, 2013, Patricia Hageman, PT, PhD, was honored with the Karen Linder Distinguished Professorship for Women’s Health. Pat Leuschen, PhD, assistant dean for research development, had this to say:

What distinguishes Pat Hageman’s research role in the School and particularly in Women’s Health?  It is probably her commitment to promoting health through physical activity and fitness, particularly for rural women.

Pat Hageman, PT, PhD, was recently named to an elite group as one of UNMC’s Distinguished Scientists for 2012. The award highlights Dr. Hageman’s interdisciplinary work to improve rural women’s health and wellness. As a collaborator with faculty in the College of Nursing, led by Dr. Carol Pullen, Dr. Hageman’s research focuses on evaluating whether a web-based intervention influences behavioral changes associated with healthier eating and increased activity in rural women during midlife and older.

Dr. Hageman, who is a professor in physical therapy education and its former Chair, is the first faculty member in the School of Allied Health Professions to receive this prestigious award and rightfully is a perfect candidate for the Karen Linder Distinguished Professorship for Women’s Health. She considers her most satisfying work the recent study of distance delivery technologies to successfully influence behavioral change for healthy eating and activity in midlife and older rural women. Nearly 50% of the women in the study who were pre-hypertensive were able to reduce their blood pressure to the normal range after one year.

In a recent interview, Pat remarked, “It is not realistic to solve the world’s problems in one project; finding answers to a larger question occurs one step (or project) at a time.” The Linder Professorship will allow Dr. Hageman and SAHP to carry on meaningful research to improve women’s health here in Nebraska and beyond.

Congratulations, Dr. Hageman!

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