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Celebrate Cardiopulmonary Bypass!

It’s National Perfusionist Appreciation Week, May 5-11, 2013. Sixty years ago, this week, a profession was born, and to honor perfusionists everywhere, the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT) president, David C. Fitzgerald, BS, CCP, wrote the following letter:

“To all of the perfusionists in the world celebrating the anniversary of Cardiopulmonary Bypass, we are forever grateful for your hard work and commitment to excellence. On behalf of the thousands of patients you serve daily, thank you for all that you do.

THANK YOU for your compassion and dedication to cardiovascular perfusion.
THANK YOU for your contributions to the success of the perfusion profession.
THANK YOU for attention to detail, even in the most adverse and emergent of circumstances.
THANK YOU for personal sacrifices to ensure that patient care comes first.
THANK YOU for enthusiasm and innovative thinking.
THANK YOU for providing the highest quality performance, through daylight hours and sleepless nights.
THANK YOU for sharp eyes in working to resolve discrepancies to ensure the safe delivery of extracorporeal support.
THANK YOU for your professionalism, and your ability to provide invaluable advices and kindness to others.
THANK YOU for your patience and your unswerving loyalty to be a patient safety advocate.
THANK YOU for providing whole-hearted support to perfusion colleagues and clinical peers around you.

Take this opportunity to reflect on the invaluable contributions you have provided to this profession. You are truly outstanding! AmSECT proudly commends you for your hard work and commitment. Enjoy the week! You earned it.”

Reminder: Our SAHP clinical perfusion education program director, David Holt, is giving a presentation on May 7th at the Science Cafe. Don’t miss it!

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