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Kathy Burke finishes RAGBRAI 2012

photo of Kathy Burke and her sisters at the finish of Ragbrai 2012

Kathy Burke and her sisters at the finish of Ragbrai 2012

RAGBRAI, a bike ride across Iowa, has become the longest, largest and oldest bicycle touring event in the world. Kathy Burke, PhD, rode in the 40th RAGBRAI.

“I’m not sure how many riders in all,” said Dr. Burke. “I heard estimates of 14,000 registered cyclists, with many many more unregistered riders joining in for a few days or the entire distance of 471 miles. I was on a team of eight women (“Babes on Bikes”). We started in Sioux Center, Iowa and ended in Clinton, Iowa, where we followed tradition by dipping our front wheels into the Mississippi River. It was a pretty tough ride; I’ve never done anything like this before. The heat was brutal, the headwinds were fierce at times, and the hills seemed endless. Still, it was so fun. In this picture, taken in Clinton, I’m in the middle, flanked by my two sisters.”


  1. Pat Hageman says:

    And the Gold Medal goes to our very own Kathy B! Congrats 🙂

  2. Greg Karst says:

    Way to go, Katherine!

  3. Kathy Volkman says:

    Congrats on your achievement Kathy and sisters! I love the picture.

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