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Congratulations to the PA Program, awarded HRSA grant!

We are pleased to announce that the PA Program was awarded a HRSA Physician Assistant Training in Primary Care Grant. The PA Program submitted the grant proposal this past May, co-written with support from senior associate dean Kyle Meyer and the SAHP staff.

Below is a brief look at what the grant projects involve:

Objective 1: Implementing recruitment strategies focused on those with underserved, disadvantaged or military backgrounds; and academic support for educationally disadvantaged students.

Objective 2: Enriching PA student learning experiences through six activities: 1) expansion of cultural competency instruction, 2) student participation in providing care for indigent patients, 3) new clinical rotations in underserved areas, 4) training for preceptors as primary care mentors/instructors for interprofessional student teams, 5) enhancement of the data tracking system and 6) creation of a seminar series promoting service to the underserved.

Objective 3: Hosting a biennial Physician Assistants Rural Primary Care National Conference to exchange “best practices” that sustain primary care by PAs in underserved communities. Five PA programs have agreed to help with a pilot/planning conference in 2013 (Des Moines University, Union College , University of Iowa, University of South Dakota, and Wichita State University). The initial national conference will be in 2014, followed by a second conference in 2016.

Summary: The grant extends over five years, with funding of nearly $1 million.

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