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VanderMeulen attends Toronto conference

Stephane VanderMeulen is an elected Director-at-large for the PA Education Association (PAEA). She attended the National PAEA Conference in Toronto last week and participated in the  Board of Directors meetings. Their schedule included a lunch meeting with American Academy of Physician Assistants President Robert Wooten, Chief Executive Officer Jenna Dorn, and President Elect Jim Delaney. They also met with Anita Glicken, the new president of the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) Health Foundation, to discuss her new role and vision for the foundation. On Monday evening, the board and PAEA staff leadership attended the PAragon Awards reception and ceremony.

photo of board members
L to R: Board Sec./Treasurer Bill Kohlhepp, Directors at Large Stephane VanderMeulen and Karen Hills, President Tony Brenneman, Past President Kevin Lohenry, PAEA Executive Director Timi Barwick, Director of Professional Affairs and Education Michel Statler, President Elect Connie Goldgar. Board members not pictured: Director at Large Theresa Horvath, Student Member at Large Ashley Thrasher

During the board meeting, a number of issues were discussed, including diversity in the profession, educational products, and collaborative opportunities with external organizations. The board also allocated funds for new staff positions.

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