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University of Nebraska Medical Center

Get to know your receptacles…

Some of you may have missed the new guidelines regarding disposal of trash:

photo of linerless trash canBlack trash receptacles without liners can be used for non-recyclable items that are NOT wet. These are located in almost every office.

photo of lined trashcan Black trash receptacles with liners (located around the building) are to be used to discard food items, lunch containers and WET non-recyclables such as used tissues.

photo of recycle binBlue receptacles without liners are for recycling:
White paper            Colored paper
Envelopes               Magazines
Newspapers            Folders
Cardboard packaging


Marked containers for recyclable plastic, e.g., soft drink & water bottles, are on the 2nd floor of Bennett Hall near the soda machines and other locations around campus.

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  1. Fran Higgins says:

    I’ve gotten some interesting emails after posting this blog. One individual claims that since my introduction, she is now dating a receptacle. 🙂

    Others were not quite so positive, so I’ve encouraged them to post their comments here so we can dialogue about possible solutions to their concerns. I, personally don’t have a problem with the trash sorting, and I applaud the well-intentioned efforts to save money, however, there may be a few flaws. What are your ideas to make this better?

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