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Introducing Mary Wood…

Please welcome Mary Wood, Office Associate I and Research Assistant, to the SAHP! Mary offices in the Physical Therapy Education department and here’s a little bit about her in her own words:

“I am a mother of six (four boys and two girls) and grandmother of six.  I enjoy spending time with my parents and with good friends and family across the country. My interests include genealogy, hand crafts, gardening, and writing. My degree is in computer technology, and my previous job as Development Director for a nonprofit helped me learn lots about fundraising, event planning, writing for publications, Web authoring, database management, and public speaking. I love learning new things, and love being here at UNMC where I have the opportunity to learn. I also love meeting interesting people, and I have found that here, too!  Thanks to all for your warm welcome.”

photo of Mary with her family

Pictured here with her children, Mary's in the blue shirt in the middle.

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