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RSTE faculty and student participation and awards

The 80th Annual Conference of the Nebraska Society of Radiologic Technologists was held April 7-9, 2011, in Grand Island, Nebraska. Below is a list of all RSTE faculty and student participation and awards.

Radiography students participated in an all-day student symposium consisting of image critique, mock test review, jeopardy, and student bowl. The UNMC Radiography program had two teams competing in the student bowl, one team making it to the semi-finals but unfortunately not winning their final match. All RSTE students participated in the essay and exhibit competition. The awards are as follows:

Essay Awards for RT Full Time Student category:

1st place- Brooke Nelson, Nuclear Medicine Program, titled: “A New, Less Invasive Procedure to Localize Non-Palpable Breast Lesions”

2nd place-Justin Gilles, Radiation Therapy Program, titled: “Nutritional Awareness in Head and Neck Cancer Patients”

3rd place- Ashley Sramek, Radiation Therapy Program, titled: “The Role of Radiation Therapy in Palliative Care”

Exhibit Awards for Student category:

3rd place- Beth Niedbalski, Radiography Program, titled: “Changing Waves in the Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis”

Exhibit Awards for RT Full Time Student category:

1st place- Ashley Sramek and Stacie Paul, Radiation Therapy Program, titled: “Radiation Therapy for Benign Tumors”

2nd place- Gina Albert, Nuclear Medicine Program, titled: “PET Scans Show Improved Diagnosis for Prosthetic Infections”

3rd place- Jessica Underwood, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, titled: “Page Kidney”

Exhibit Awards for RT category:

1st place- Connie Mitchell and Jim Temme, RSTE faculty, titled: “Prosthetic Imaging in Forensic Radiography”

2nd place- Tammy Jones, RSTE faculty, titled: “Orthos Markers Used in Radiography: A Measurement Tool for Preoperative Knee Replacements”

RSTE Faculty presenting at the conference:

Tanya Custer and Tammy Jones, lecture title: “Interactive Teaching-Teaching & Learning in Radiation Science Education”

Jim Temme, lecture title: “Forensic Radiography in a Third World Country: Haiti After the Earthquake”

Congratulations to Tanya Custer, as she was re-elected for another term as NSRT Advisory Board Member.

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