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Rita turns the page

Congratulations to Rita Parks Agnew, BSG, Student Affairs and Budget Coordinator for UNMC’s Physical Therapy (PT) program! Rita announced that she will be retiring at the end of May after nearly 37 years of service.

Since joining UNMC in October 1974 under the founding program director, Mary Ellen Sacksteder, Rita watched the program grow from 2 classes of 16 students to its present three classes of 50 students. She has been the familiar “go to” person, helping 96% (1012 of 1056 total) of PT Education graduates, representing 36 classes. Rita is fondly referred to as “a cornerstone” of the program by its faculty in recognition of her unwavering dedication to the program, assisting 30 plus program faculty and all six program directors.

When asked what has been the most rewarding part of her career, Rita quickly replied, “The students. They keep you on your toes! Without the students, there would not be a program.” After spending over half of her life working in the Physical Therapy Program, Rita is looking forward to an active next chapter.

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4 thoughts on “Rita turns the page

  • Rita,
    It is hard to imagine this place without you! Your diverse skill set and wealth of knowledge and experience will be very missed. I wish you the best in your retirement.

  • Rita,

    96% seems to be your number. . .it’s about the same percentage of answers to my questions you know off the top of your head: cost centers, telephone numbers, names, policies, procedures, maiden names, and on and on. . . I do not know how you keep it all organized.

    Here’s to you: staying at the top of your game for 37 years, and also to soon clearing your head. . . .



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