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Temme to hold SAHP's first endowed chair

There’s a wonderful article in the UNMC Today this morning regarding James Temme’s appointment as the Charles R. O’Malley Chair for Radiation Science Technology Education.

Here are some pictures from the reception given by the NU Foundation where Kyle Meyer, PhD, associate dean for the SAHP presented trustee Richard Kelly with a commemorative “chair.” Kelly, the nephew of Charles O’Malley, worked 35 years in the UNMC hospital, where he served as manager and clinical instructor in the nuclear medicine section of the radiology department. He was one of Temme’s first clinical instructors, and he presented Jim with a twin commemorative “chair.”

Photo of chairs

Kyle Meyer, James Temme, and Richard Kelly

Jim got very choked up when acknowledging his family and said that looking at how successful all his siblings have been in their own endeavors, “Who would have thought it when we were all sitting in that one-room schoolhouse in rural Nebraska?”

Congratulations, Jim!

Photo of the Temme Family

The Temme Family

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  1. Ricki Otten says:

    Congratulations, Jim!

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