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Friday Night at the Grind…

Fran, Chuck, Ed, and Brian at The Benson Grind

UPDATE: It was a great show! Thanks to those who made it a fun night. If you missed it, you’ll have another opportunity to hear Chuck and I at the Talent Tuesdays show on October 5th from noon-1:00pm in BTH 2020.

You may not know this, but Chuck Brown, from public relations, plays a mean blues guitar and he and I (Fran) have been practicing a few songs together for the upcoming Talent Tuesdays. Well, we’ve also got a gig this Friday, September 10th from 7:00-10ish p.m. at the Benson Grind, 6107 Maple Street. Chuck’s the headliner and I’ll be playing a short set starting around 7:30.

The Grind is a nice little coffee shop and you can find more info here. If you can’t find parking on the street, there’s some around back.

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