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Social Hour and Award Presentation

Last Tuesday morning, faculty and staff in the SAHP met in the Bennett Hall Reading Room to socialize over bagels and coffee, courtesy of our rewards and recognition committee. The gathering provided a great opportunity for the committee to present Sue Prusia with a framed Silver U poster, the first of its kind for the school.

Prusia, triple crown Silver U recipient, was grateful for the recognition. “I’m honored,” she said. “I really appreciate this and I wouldn’t have gotten it if it weren’t for my co-workers and their help in getting me the things I need to get my job done efficiently.”

Committee chair, Kim Michael said, “We were really pleased with the turn out for this new event. It is a great way to build community within our Allied Health faculty and staff and to recognize individuals for their achievements. The next opportunity to nominate for the Silver U award will be in October. Our next social hour/award presentation will be December.”

Kim Michael, Sue Prusia, and Kyle Meyer

Kim Michael, Sue Prusia, and Associate Dean Kyle Meyer

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