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Skate Peeps!

Two other souls in need of some stress relief and fun joined me on the rink today! We had a blast and didn’t even feel the cold. Maggie Winnicki and Michelle Simon, from Distance Education, caught up with me around 12:30. Both admitted they were pleasantly surprised that the rink was bigger than they’d expected.

Fran Higgins, Maggie Winnicki, Michelle Simon

Fran Higgins, Maggie Winnicki, Michelle Simon

After a tentative first lap and some nervous laughter, M & M (Maggie and Michelle) left the security of the railing, picked up some speed, began gliding, changing directions, even trying a few spins. “It’s like riding a bike! It all comes back,” said Michelle, who said she hadn’t skated in over 12 years.

With only three weeks left (the rink shuts down February 28th), we’ve vowed to make it there at least one of the two lunch-time skates (Tuesday and Thursday) each week.


  1. Sue Prusia says:

    How fun and cute picture too! Way to go girls!

  2. ricki otten says:

    Looks like you had fun!

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